PAID Compass Clothing INC was developed in 2016 by Sky Lee, after sharing a love for streetwear fashion. Paid Clothing has plans to extend their reach through several other branching clothing lines in the future.  Each lined will be geared to and focus on a specific consumer within our target market.

Our dedication is unparalleled, and is what has lead to the success of PAID Compass Clothing INC in NYC. As we remain focused on building and sustaining a business empire through Paid Clothing —and we are already well on our way.

PAID Compass Clothing INC strives to provide consumers with clothing relevant to every aspect of life.  Within our different collections, we focus on innovation in order to provide all of our many, diverse consumers with a fashionable wardrobe.  At PAID our mission is not to keep up with trends, but to set them. 

Street wear clothing is our passion and our goal is to share our unique style with customers.  Expressing yourself through clothes is your own creative way of communicating the person you are, we want our customers to also be able to express themselves through our many styles of street wear clothing. You have to be born into this lifestyle, it's not a choice; the clothes choose you.